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Sailing and Motor Yachts in Mahogany and Teak

Raw material wood

Raw materials for yacht building

Feel the warmth and enjoy the beauty, which radiates from these exotic woods.

Raw material wood

  • fasination with exotic woods
  • the finest mahogany
  • the noblest teak

There are things, which are not easy to describe - you have to feel and enjoy them :

  • beauty and vibrancy
  • warmth and comfort
  • durability

Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to explain to you just why we consider exotic woods as the ideal raw material for yachts.

Raw material wood


Mahogany and Teak

There is no better suited material for building shape-glued yachts, particularly with respect to

  • strength,
  • ability to stick,
  • light weight and
  • durability

in interplay between wet and dry.

If well cared for, such a yacht will last for over a hundred years.
In this case we are talking about the lasting use of a raw material which continues to be regrown.

This longevity assures long-time value.

You see: only mahogany incorporates so many advantages for boat building and, at the same time, appears so elegant.


Types of mahogany used

  • Khaya
  • Sipo
  • Swietenia
  • Tabasco

Depending on size, the entire yacht is built from the same log of mahogany.

Raw material wood



Teak (Tectona grandis) is also known as the "King of wood".

Origin South Asian mainland, from India to Indochina and Java
Description Teak grows up to 40 m (130 ft) high.
The trunks can be branch-free up to 20 m (70 ft) and have a diametre of between 0,4 m (1 ft) and 1,0 m (3 ft), but are often not perfectly round.
The sapwood is narrow and grey.
The heartwood is yellow, later light to dark brown and is striped by black veins.
The spring wood pores are clearly marked.
Characteristics The dry width averages approx. 0,64 g/cm³.
It droops slightly.
The wood is easy to handle.
It is very durable.
Durability Teak is extremely weather resistant as well as resistant against fungus and insects.
Uses Teak is a building wood e.g. for interiors and exteriors.
We use it to a large extent for the deck.

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Raw material wood